• Editorial: Two Opposing Sides in Bahrain

    A missile attack targeting Yemen was launched by allied forces, including Bahrain. At this pivotal moment in history, there are truly two sides; a popular side that stands with the nation, and another side that Al Khalifa takes alongside the nation's enemies.

  • Editorial: A Tribute to Prisoners of Bahrain

    Without a doubt, it is a victory for the prisoners and their will. After demonstrating patience and persistence, the prisoners were able to extract from the Ministry of Interior recognition of their urgent human rights that they demanded since the first day of the hunger strike, which began on August 7 and ended on September 12, 2023.

  • Editorial: Politically-Motivated Extrajudicial Killing

    Since Saudi forces stormed Bahrain in 2011, the Saudi regime has been involved in killing and abusing Bahrainis simply for demanding political reforms, in order to put an end to the Al Khalifa family's monopoly over power.

  • Editorial: Government of Foreigners in Bahrain

    Expatriates in Bahrain have the right to dance and rejoice on the ruler's accession day in Bahrain every year. They enjoy the right to consider it the best country in the world that welcomes foreigners. It is a government that prefers foreigners to its citizens, and this does not happen elsewhere in the world.

  • Editorial: Jamal Fakhro and His False Public Testimony

    Jamal Fakhro, a member of Bahrain's appointed Shura Council, attempted to conceal something of massive importance. He has made repeated attempts to silence European parliamentarians who have raised concerns about political prisoners in Bahrain, particularly the prominent activist Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, during the IPU conference.

  • Editorial: Israelis' Influence over Our Arabic Language Curricula, How Far Does the Betrayal Go

    Rana bint Isa bin Daij Al Khalifa met yesterday with Ellie Cohanim International Affairs Advisor to World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder. The meeting yielded provocative results as the official news outlet published a piece of news saying that the meeting discussed ways to enhance cooperation in education and to develop the Arabic language curricula within the parameters of the Abraham Accords.

  • Editorial: Why's the "Progressive Bloc" Opposing Release of Political Prisoners in Bahrain?

    A statement issued by the Bureau of the House of Representatives, of which Salman became a member, included a refusal of the release of human rights activist Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, and a reiteration of the flimsy accusations raised against him such as "treason and undermining state security".

  • Editorial: Bahrain in December 2022: The Allegiance of Expats and Discontent of Citizens

    It is indeed paradoxical that expatriates in Bahrain celebrate its National Day that marks the king's accession to power, while most citizens celebrate Martyrs' Day.

  • Editorial: The Holding Family

    What is the ruling family doing in Bahrain? It acts as if it is a holding company, but essentially without capital. It accomplishes this by squatting, i.e. by bullying. The ruling family has the upper hand in all spaces.

  • Editorial: Pope Wins, Sheikh of Al-Azhar and Sayed Ali Al-Amine Fail Bahrainis

    Between Pope Francis and Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayeb, the Pope wins; between him and the Lebanese Shiite authority Sayed Ali Al-Amine, the Pope also wins.

  • Editorial: To the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar

    From Manama, you called on Shia scholars to hold an intra-Muslim dialogue; but the question is: Which scholars do you want? If you want unpopular Shia scholars, they have been sitting next to you for the past two days at the Bahrain Forum for Dialogue.

  • Editorial: A Successful Campaign

    The Bahraini government's attempts to exploit the Pope's visit to polish its black record and portray itself as an incubator of tolerance and religious pluralism have failed.

  • Editorial: Al-Budai Street is the Target

    With regard to normalization, bad intentions prevail over good ones. In politics, it has been said that "the road to hell is furnished with good intentions" as a sign of its cunning and malice. The opening of a normalizing restaurant on Al-Budai Street under the banner of "the 48 Arabs" is one aspect of the malicious cunning policy.

  • Editorial: Questions about Normalizing Restaurant

    These are questions that Bahrainis should consider well, especially those who oppose normalization and love Palestine, who constitute the majority. However, the minority normalizers do not concern us.

  • Editorial: Israeli Era in Bahrain, Everything Has Changed

    Today marks the eleventh anniversary of the eruption of the movement that demanded freedom and democracy in Bahrain, while the regime continues to move toward introducing the country in what can be called "the Israeli Era"

  • EDITORIAL: Let Bahrain Apologize to Qatar and Be the End of It!

    In its ongoing media war with Qatar, the Bahraini government appears to be acting like a child who has lost his way.

  • Editorial: We, Bahrainis, Want to Breathe

    Every one of us is an imminent danger. This is how the regime sees us, or to be more precise, this is how the ruling family and its tribal council see us.

  • Editorial: Reason why Flights from Infected Countries Won't be Stopped

    Robert Mercer, an American billionaire who has a great influence in US political and economic institutions, is described as "the financial and strategic father of the right-wing populists in America and Europe" and was the reason behind Donald Trump's running for presidency.

  • EDITORIAL: Bahrain and Coronavirus: Will PM Begin his Reign with Corpses of Dissidents Piling up in Jaw Prison?

    Sheikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Bahraini Prime Minister, may not be willing to stain his reign; however, the first stain has already made its mark. The European Parliament's unanimous condemnation of human rights violations in Bahrain on March 11 was the first move tainting his era.

  • Editorial: Meaningless National Day in Bahrain

    The Bahraini king disappointed many citizens who were optimistic after his meeting with senior Shiite cleric Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi, and his son's meeting with a delegation from the Bahrain Economic Forum headed by economist Taqi Al-Zeera to hand over a petition calling him to start fresh and turn the page of 2011.