Hussain Hubail’s Camera and heart revealed the deadly toxic gases: Now the authority is trying to slowly kill him in prison

2014-08-11 - 10:55 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The security authorities arrested Hussain Hubail, the photographer, because his work was revealing the crime of the deadly toxic gases inhaled by Bahraini citizens every night. The mercenary forces of the Ministry of Interior spread these gases that immerse whole areas under a cloud of poison.

The 21-year-old Hussain Hubail deserves to be freed because freedom is his right. He also deserves to hold his camera again and let its "Flash" penetrate the gas clouds to dispel them. Hubail is a freelance photographer who was awarded a photography prize by the independent newspaper Al-Wasat and whose works have been published by several news agencies and world newspapers through which he covered the tear gas used by the mercenary against protestors.

His work has provoked the oppressive forces and their commanders, thus they tracked him and intelligence was sent after him. Hussain was arrested and charged for being a member of the "February 14 Media Network" and "Tamarod" that calls for participation in peaceful protests. He was also charged for "inciting hatred against the regime" and "communicating with Bahraini opposition in exile".

The Ministry of Interior tried to deny his journalist character, however, "the International Federation of Journalists" consider him to be a journalist, rejecting the claims of the Ministry of Interior. Furthermore, Hussain said that Major Bassam Al Maraj, the Directorate for Combatting Corruption and for Electronic and Economic Security, and the Lieutenant Fawaz Al-Sameem supervised his torturing, threats of rape, beatings across his body and spitting on for four days long.

Following this ordeal, Hubail was then sent to the public prosecution and to the Dry Dock prison. He was resent, a few days later, to the investigation criminal department and to Al Sameem's office for interrogation. At Al Sameem's office, Hussain was subjected to beatings and was threatened with rape once more. At mid night, he was moved to the public prosecution where he was interrogated in the presence of his lawyer. Hussain was transferred to the public prosecution on 14 August 2013 to confirm his testimony without his lawyer being present. The public prosecutor visited Hussain on the same day at the Dry Dock prison and prolonged his detention for 45 days, charging him with "participation in unlicensed protests".

Hubail suffers from heart pain and shortness of breath, however, Jaw administration does not provide him with the adequate health care. Neither has he been transferred to the hospital to follow up his medical appointments, nor has he been allowed to take the medicines prescribed by the doctor. Despite being the torturer, the interrogator and the individual responsible for Hussain's torturing, Al Sameem was called for the court as a witness in the previous court's session. As a result, Hussain was sentenced to 5 years in prison on 28 April 2014 and he is currently serving his punishment in Jaw prison amid an inadequate environment for his health condition.

Bahraini activists, along with "Paragraph 19", a group of independent Bahraini journalists have called on today, Monday 11th August, to tweet about the case of the detained Bahraini photographer Hussain Hubail and to call on the authorities to release him.


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